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bikestandLeadville is a great destination for cycling vacations and events, but flying with a bike can be a test on one’s nerves. If you’re riding in a road tour, racing in the Leadville Trail 100, Silver Rush 50, or enjoying several days on the Colorado Trail, why have your bike tuned before it’s shipped out? While in the capable hands of any reputable shipping service, your bike will get bounced around, stacked upon, tossed about, and probably dropped a time or two. Usually, there is no damage, but occasionally we pull a bike out of the box that has a bent wheel, or derailleur hanger (or the shop that packs it forgets your front skewer and pedals). That tune will need to be touched up by us anyways to ensure a smooth race.

Have your steed shipped to our professional repair shop, where we will unpack, assemble, inspect, fully tune and prepare your bike for it’s longest day of the season. No surprises or last minute panic repair worries coming from your bike. Just yourself to worry about! After the ride’s done, drop it off, and we will repack and ship it home. All you have to do is show up and ride like you’ve never ridden before. Besides that, we’ll take care of it.

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